Calm Your Dog Before Bed

5 Ways To Calm Your Dog Before Bed

Does your dog have difficulty to settle down when it’s the time to bed?


For most dog parents, this must be a common scene happens in our life, and always trying hard to figure out the way to settle them down! They might become anxious when the room is dark, or becomes restless when you just turn the light off. There’s 5 ways here you can try to calm your pup down and get him to sleep!



  1. Provide a Secure and Cozy Place To Sleep.

There’s one thing you need to know as a dog parent is that most pups sleep better when they’re sleeping in their normal sleeping spot! Then it’s our responsibility to provide them a comfy place to nestle in, in order to enjoy the night and smile in their puppy dream.

A donut dog bed will be the best for the dogs who love to curl up when they are asleep. The raised rim provides a place to let pups tuck their heads in, and when the faux-fur is deliciously soft, it will let pups feel the touch as their mom, secure and supported, then have a dream with lullaby. A donut dog bed is the paw-fect that make your pups sleep soundly.


  1. Give Them a Cuddle and Massage!

Every pup loves cuddles and massages! If someone says his pup doesn’t, I won’t believe that!

Give your pup regularly cuddle and message before bedtime can help him feel supported and easily fall asleep, and he might like having an ear message! Their floppy and pointy ears contain a significant amount of nerve endings, and it will release endorphins that brings a wave of relaxation for them when you’re gently rubbing them.

Lastly, they might not like hooman to rub their ears but we can always give it a try!


  1. Put a Relaxing Record On!

The same as human, when we hear the slow music like classic jazz, our emotion will be calm and follow the flow, let the music bring our mind to another destination.

Pups calm down when they hear those relaxing music as well! Here are two playlist I would recommend for you and your pup to try before the bedtime tonight. (Jazz Classics & Relaxing Music For Dog)


  1. Exercise Is Essential.

Most of dogs are restless at night because they still have a lot of energy! And it turns out that they parents forgot to bring them to exercise. Having a regular exercise for dogs is essential, they need to have a way to spend their energy, otherwise they will keep wandering around when the time comes to bed.


  1. Create a Routine.

Our dogs need a routine. Conclude all the things above then make a bedtime routine for them can highly reduce their anxiety at night. A personal spot, a calming dog bed, a cuddle and massage with the relaxing melody drifts in the air, they will definitely feel calmer and safer, and easily to fall into sleep, having a pupdream about another playtime we are going to have.