Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Apples? And How They Benefit Your Dog?

Yes! Dogs can definitely eat apples, and because apples are low in fat and protein, they can be the perfect snack for senior dogs by comparing with human’s foods. So what else benefits you dog can have from apples? And what you need to worry about? Well, as other fruits that generally are good for dogs but there’s one thing apples are slightly different than others, let me tell you bellow!


What You Need To Know About Apples

Except for the benefits I mentioned — “Low in protein” and “Low in fat”, apples can also provide vitamins A and C, these vitamins can benefit your dog on “Bones Strengthening”, “Immune System Supporting” and “Growth and Reproduction Promoting”. The fibre contained in apples gives your dog more advantage to digest the food in his tummy, and solve the issue of eating grass if he has.


You may find your dog is pretty fond of apples because they are sweet! Because there are 10 to 20 grams of sugar per 100g in an apple, having too much can be harmful for your dog.

So how much you can feed is better?

The suggestion is one or two slices will be pretty enough! Wash before you feed, chop into small pieces to avoid choking and control the amount of treats in 10% of his daily diet is always the best way to ensure the health of dogs, otherwise it might cause diarrhoea for him.


Is Apple As Perfect As We Just Discussed?

No! There’s one thing that you have to keep it in mind is “always removing the seeds and the core of an apple”, it contains a compound of amygdalin in the seeds and it can be dangerous to dogs.


What About Apple Pie & Applesauce?

It’s a very good idea because we always want to serve treats in diverse ways, and dogs usually love the surprise we prepared!

But Apple pie will not be good for dogs, because it can contain very high amount of sugar and easily cause diarrhoea to your dog.


Applesauce can be awesome if it’s plain and mild. And just a reminder that controlling the amount in 10% of his daily diet will ensure your dog’s health!

Lastly, here’s a bonus for you about how to make apple treat for your dog — “Roasted Apple Rings with Cinnamon”, it can be perfect when it is apple season, it will be more sweeter and your dog will get more fascinated about the treats from you!