Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

The Answer Is YES!

Oranges are definitely fine for dogs, and they are an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and fibre. But comparing with other fruits, dogs may not be the fans of oranges because of the strong-smelling!


How To Serve Orange To Dogs Is Better?

As everybody knew, most of dogs are scared of the strong-smelling for oranges, by choosing different types of oranges to let your dogs recognise a new fruit will be the better to go. Navel oranges are sweet and less tang, you can try to feed with a small piece and see how your dog react.

Toss the peels and remove the seeds! Orange peel is bitter and the oil from the peel will turn up your dog’s sensitive nose. By tossing the peels and seeds away, you can remove the chance that your dog suffering from gastrointestinal upset!

If your dog loves oranges, control the amount in 10% of his daily diet even oranges do have a moderate sugar content.


When To Avoid Oranges?

When your dog has signs of overweight or suffer from diabetes, you should stop feeding him orange. While there’s healthy and natural sugar in oranges, it still can impact the blood sugar level and lead to additional calories for dogs if you have him too much.



Most of our dogs are afraid of oranges, we might gave the wrong type of orange or they are just too sensitive about the acid and smelling from the orange. By choosing the orange with care (Hint: navel orange), reintroduce it to your dog with little pieces and slowly, then to see how he responds!