Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

We love tomatoes, and we definitely can’t live without tomatoes!

The lasagne in the oven, the ketchup dressed on the fries, and the tomato lamb stew, when the scent drifts in the air, we know it’s time to have the meal that can warm our heart. We always love to share food with our furry friends, because they are our family members, eating healthy and living well are the parts we want to take care of, but could tomato cause any harm to our dogs?


1. It’s definitely fine! But…

There’s few things you have to know before give tomato to your dog. 

Firstly, unripe tomato is the kind of tomato that you should avoid. Because tomato is in the nightshade family of vegetable, there’s a component that can be harmful to your dog is “Solanine”. Solanine is a substance found in the stem and leaves of tomato, and it can be harmful if your dog have it in a certain quantity. 

Second, ripe and cooked tomato is safe for dogs! We can also commonly see tomato pomace is included in many dog foods, it’s healthy for dogs to have, so there’s no need to worry!  

Third, wash it before hand it to your dog because of pesticides and herbicides will make your dog sick.


2. The signs of tomato poisoning in dogs

If your dog has following symptoms, he/ she might have over certain amount of tomato and you need to contact your veterinarian.


    • Gastrointestinal upset
    • Vomiting
    • Muscle weakness
    • Loss of coordination


3. Conclusion

Tomato is good and healthy for dogs, but there’s some essential knowledge we need to keep our little love live happier and also better, here’s few take away for you!


    • Avoid unripe tomato, such as green tomato or the tomato with stem and leaves(most of solanine is contained in this part).
    • Ripe and cooked tomato is safer for you dog!
    • If there’s any signs mentioned in section 2, contact your veterinarian as soon as you can.