Can Dogs Get Cold?

Can Dogs Get Cold?

The weather is getting cold, and we are easy to catch cold because the sudden change of the temperature, but what about our furry friend? Can they get cold?

The answer is yes, they can get cold but not the way as human. There is not one specific virus that gets the label “cold virus.” Instead, several different viruses can cause cold symptoms in dogs. And here are common cold symptoms that show your dog may get cold:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Running and congesting nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite


If there’s any symptom above, the safest option is to contact your veterinarian for advises, and at this moment you should make sure the food and water for your dog are always fresh and clean. 


Can dogs get colds from human?


The chance of dogs having a cold from human is extremely low! Because the types of the viruses that can cause cold for dogs human are different, so you can rest easy when your dog sniffles.


But there’s a risk that you need to care about is other dogs’ virus might cause your dog’s cold, so keep your dog away from other dogs until they are feeling better.


P.S. Never give your dog cold remedies for human use because these are highly dangerous.


How to prevent your dog from cold?


1. Clean their things regularly

To regularly wash their food and water bowls and their toys are one of the way to prevent the spread of the virus. It will be important if they share their bowls or toys with other dogs, and just make sure you change their water at least once a day.


2. Rest is the key

Having enough sleep for dog is important! On average, dogs will sleep around 12 - 14 hours a day.

To prevent them from illnesses and falling prey, always make sure they can have a good quality sleep. And provide them a good quality sleep, we introduce our Pupdreams Calming Dog Bed that is designed to relieve your pup’s anxiety and let them sleep better and live healthier!




Stay hygienic and keep the viruses away from our furry friends are one of the responsibilities as an owner should have, fresh food, fresh water and routined walk will always be on the list we need to do. And also, a good quality sleep is essential as the foundation of a healthy life that we always want our furry friends have.