Do Dogs Dream? And What Do They Dream About?

Do Dogs Dream? And What Do They Dream About?

When your dog curl up as a snowball beside you on his dog bed, you might find him start twitching his legs or murmuring mysterious language soon after he is asleep, and you must think… Wait! What is happening? Is my dog dreaming? Well, that’s the thing I’m going to share with you today!


Do Dogs Really Dream?


Scientists think so! And in fact, they believe dogs dream as human do and the way they dream is similar to us. What does it mean? It means the things they might dream is all about the things happened through the day, such as… chasing squirrels between the woods, jumping around trying to catch the foods drift in the air or wearing sunglasses and lying on the beach waiting for you to serve the treats!

When dogs are dreaming, their brains will connect the experiences they’ve had but haven’t put them together, and this is the moment that helping dogs to remember and polish the skills they’ve just learn.


Depends on different breeds of dogs, the duration of their dreams can be vary. Small dogs and puppies have more frequent and shorter dreams than large dogs, perhaps 60-second dreams in every 10 minutes.

Do Dogs Have Nightmare?

Yes, they can have good sweet dreams and also nightmares. If they are panting hardly while sleep, it can be the sign showing they are having a nightmare. The reason they have nightmares can be vary, such as they just had the bath on the day (most dogs don’t like it), the food made their tummies aching, something frighten them recently or even anxiety.


If they just having a nightmare, don’t wake them up but wait until they are awake then give them a cuddle, to let them know the warmest arms are always open for them.

To lower the potential chance of having a nightmare, you can make sure your dog have enough amount of exercise, sleep at the same spot, eat regularly and healthily, and have a comfortable bed that help him sleep better.



Lastly, whatever your dogs dream about, they are like us have dreams and fears that exist in the sleep, making us more alike than different!