How To Stop A Dog From Biting?

How To Stop A Dog From Biting?

All of us, include children and adults, should learn how to keep ourselves safe when dogs are around, this doesn’t mean dogs are dangerous or wild but having the knowledge when the incidences may happen in those particular situations. As a dog owner, keeping our dogs well-taught is the responsibility that everyone of us should have and also the safety for people who approach them in the public.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your dog from biting people if you educate him consistently and measure his behaviours, in order to let him know how he can behave and what he shouldn’t.

Why Do They Bite People?

Dogs are actually friendly most of time, and they bite people only when they feel threaten. It’s their natural instinct and still present in domesticated dogs. Here are 4 situations that dogs would have biting behaviour.


1. A dog would bite when she has puppies. She will fiercely protect her puppies if you try to approach them at any moment.


2. Dogs bite for defending when you are in their territories, or approach one of their members as they are pack.


3. When dogs are in fear or injury situation. In this situation, they might be abandoned or abused by other people, they will defend themselves by biting if there’s anyone approach them.


4. Suddenly approach. This may frighten them and cause them biting instinctively to protect themselves, even to the people they feel close to.


How To Stop Them From Biting?

This is part of our responsibility to learn about dog’s behaviours, the way he lives, and the relationship between dog and owner. Stoping him from biting is not to punish him with violence but those ways can tell and communicate what he should really behave. Here are tips for you to educate your dog not to bite as before:


1. Socialize your dog when he is still young. Let your dog meet other dogs, different types of environment, and different types of people such as children or elders, also remember to keep these experiences positive for him. This will make him get used to interact with human and some loud noise environments, and feel calmer after those experiences.


2. Discipline your dog with “praise and treats”! Instead of violent or aggressive punishment that may cause more fear inside of their mind, giving rewards to him with praise and treats for desirable behaviours is far more effective, because your dogs will start aiming to please you!

(Bonus: If he doesn’t listen to you and still biting you, ignore him to let him know you don’t like this behaviour!)


3. Toys! Giving toys for your dog to chew and tug can also decrease the chance they would come to bite you or gnaw your clothes.


4. Keep your dog in sight. When you both come to public, make sure you know him well before you let off the leash, and keep him in sight all the time!


5. Mouthing issues are quite challenging to work on, contact and enlist for help with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) then put your dog through the basic training at least and even keep on the training through out his life.



Except for the situations mentioned above, you must also see dogs were biting and wrestling each other and that’s totally fine, there’s a video I attach below that can give you more information about mouthing issues.

Consistently educating your dog to behave properly is not an easy thing, but through out this journey you will have further recognition or a better way to communicate with your dog, and these are the priceless thing that can ever have.