Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Does your dog like you lick you? And you must sometimes wonder why your dog likes to lick you! This is natural behaviour and dogs do like to lick people. Some dogs lick more than others, and sometimes we just can’t resist their licks or for some people that just don’t really like, so what do their licks mean and why do dogs like to lick us?


 1. Affection!

One of the reason they lick you is because they love you! This is why many people call them “kisses”. Dogs show affection by licking people and they learnt this when they were still puppies that got grooming and affection by their mothers.


Some dogs lick less than others, and this doesn’t mean they are less affectionate but just the way they learnt things were different as puppies not prefer to lick.


 2. Seeking Attention

There you are, they want your attention! At this moment they might feel bored or lonely and they need you and want you to play with them. When dogs are seeking attention, they will feel rewarded with any kind of attention, even you give them a negative reward.


 3. You Might Just Taste Good

After they lick you, they may realise you have an intriguing human taste that is a bit salty. This is also the way they explore and recognise the world, and you are definitely the big part of their world.


 4. But Does It Safe To Let Dogs Lick Us?

Dogs' mouths contain a lot of natural bacterias, this is part of the reason dog bites are so dangerous. However, these bacterias won’t be harmful when they don’t get into an open wound and your immune system is functioning well.


 5. How To Stop Them From Licking?

If you don’t like your dog licks you, this might be a huge problem for you. Here are few tips for you to let your dog not to lick you as often as before:

    • Don’t give any reward. This means positive also negative types, and the only good time to reward your dog is when they’re laying calmly beside you.
    • Be consistent with boundaries. This can be hard to not let them lick you if you think they’re being loving. Just remember that you can train them in other ways to show affection, like hugs or speaking on cue. 



Having a pup loving you is the best thing ever in our lives, and knowing more about pups can let us have more ways to communicate with them and have another wonderful moment, another happier play time!