Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

There are many reasons why you dog likes to scratch his/her bed, and it might surprise you! Sometimes the scratching might be destructive that making you start to worry, but there’s no need to concern actually, because dogs do enjoy scratching and digging their bed!


1. It’s Natural Instinct!


Dogs’ ancestors often scratch the leaves and dirt to make themselves a place to sleep, sometimes to disguised from predators, and sometimes they just love to find the treasure underground.


And also another reason they scratch is to put their scent around to mark the place as their own territories. Especially when female dog just have her puppies, she will like to make the place more comfort and put out familiar scent to let puppies feel supported.


2. Stress and Anxiety Might Increase the Scratching!


When you bring your dog to a new place or having a new pup, you might see them scratching more often. They may want to find some places to hide themselves and scratching might help them to reduce the stress. You can try to distract their attention by toys and tricks that providing them an enjoyable excitement.


3. Good Bedding Can Help!


Consider a comfy dog bed that can hold up your dog from scratching and digging!


The dog bed is designed as the shape of donut that gives your dog a barrier from the outside world by the raised rim. The padding is fluffy and the faux-fur is deliciously soft, your dog will feel lying on the cloud and have his/her sweet dream.


Try not to wash the dog bed often, because there’s their scent around the surface that making them feel it’s their own territories.


Lastly, scratching bed before lying down is perfectly normal and natural, and there’s no need to worry about most of time. But if it gets out of hand, having a dog bed for your pup might help him/her feel more comfortable and supported.