Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Eat, play, nap, this is how dogs live their lives! They would curl up at the corner of sofa, lying side of body on the ground or sprawl their feet into the air when they are on your laps. And sometimes we must wonder how dogs can sleep so much and why? Here are things to share with you about dogs’ sleeping behaviour and what you need to know!


How Much Sleep Do Dogs Really Need?

On average, dogs spend 50% of their day on sleeping, 30% on relaxing and 20% being active and play. The sleeping time will be diverse depends on the different type of dogs —


Puppies, large-breed dogs and older dog will sleep around 12 - 14 hours a day.

As for small-breed dogs, they will sleep 12 hours a day or less.

And you might think… “Really? Is this normal?” The answer is “YES, it is!” Because dogs are omnivores and also carnivores, for carnivores they spend 16 hours or more per day on sleeping and resting.

Having rest for dogs is so important, and they do dream! When they are sleeping, they repack the things they just learnt form the day, storing the notes and memories just as human do. And good quality sleep is vital for puppy development, because when puppies sleep it provides a break for the body to transfer the energy into growth!


How To Know Your Dog Not Sleeping Well?


If you notice your dog has changes in sleep patterns, you might need to contact your veterinarian to find the reason. Here are the patterns that you may need to have further contact with vet if you spot them.


  • If your dog usually sleeps 2 - 3 hours at the certain time block, but it suddenly changes to 5 - 6 hours.


  • It’s hard to wake him up in the morning, because most of dogs will wake up quickly if they have motivation (such as… snack!).


  • He falls asleep suddenly, even when he is eating, drinking, or playing.


  • He wakes up suddenly in the state of fright and stress.


What Is The Reason Dogs Cannot Sleep Well?


The reasons can be vary, older dogs may have hypothyroidism, heart disease and arthritis that make them not able to sleep well. Or your dog didn’t have enough amount of exercise from the day. And one of the most common reason is that they feel anxious.

There are around 70% of the dogs on the planet are easy to feel anxious by separation and lack of the quality of sleep. Providing them a decent and comfy dog bed can efficiently relieve their anxiety and make them feel supported. By improving the sleeping quality for dogs can not only relieve their anxiety but also consolidate their memories and skills learning, and your dog will smile wilder and live even healthier!



Don’t be astonished by your dog spends his half of the day on sleeping, it’s totally normal and also the way he prepares himself for the next playtime! By providing a better sleeping quality for your dog with a comfortable dog bed, you two will laugh and play happier next time!