Our Mission

Once Upon The Time...

I was sitting on my bed and read the book picked from the local second hand book store, with my dog — Charlie snuggling beside me. The day was chilled, the warmth from the log burner drifted around the room and also between me and Charlie, he slept soundly, seemed to be dreaming something that I didn’t really know, but he was happy.

I was always wondering at that time, how I can make him live happier, smile wilder, sleep better and have another dream that deserves to remember, such as we both chasing squirrels in the woods, swimming in the clouds together or even catching the treats hovering in the air.

And I started googling what make pups healthier, on sleep, on treats, and also playtime… this is how our journey started.


Furry Friend’s Health Is Vital

Pups are always our best friends, and making sure they are healthy is the responsibility as a dog owner!

Providing them good quality sleep is the best way to improve dogs’ health because they spend half of their lives on resting. Having a comfy place to nestle and sprawl their feet is definitely as telling a good-night story to calm and sooth their mind, before diving into another sweet dream.

We also provide content as blog that are all around dog’s health, about sleep, foods, behaviours and much more…

Why Pupdreams?

Pupdreams is dedicating to provide the finest quality for your pup to sleep, to snuggle, to live healthier, and have more playtimes that are memorable. When pups are happier and healthier, they will be cheery as elves jumping around and humming the song we love!

When the time comes to rest, seeing your pups feel calm and supported can be the most heartwarming scene ever happens in our life, and it’s as the warmth from the log burner in winter-time, relieving and warm.

P.S. we appreciate all your support and can’t wait to hear from you, to see you and your pets having a better life.

Yu-Chen & Charlie.